Solidarity at Simonds College

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Trivia night at Simonds College

...all about providing the opportunities for others in the world to enjoy their life to the fullest"

By Megan Bourke, Caritas Australia Global Education Coordinator

An unexpected pleasant email arrived in Caritas’ Melbourne Office in early February. Christopher, a young student from Simonds College in West Melbourne, wrote to us to introduce the school’s newly formed Social Justice Group, and also to invite us to attend the group’s inaugural Trivia Night which would be in support of Project Compassion.

With the promise of a fun night of trivia and fundraising for Project Compassion, the Caritas staff in Melbourne happily accepted the invitation, and went along on May 1. As we arrived with the other guests, we were all warmly welcomed by Simonds students and escorted to our tables. The library was filled to capacity… and then the show began.

The entire evening was planned and conducted by the students. Two rotated as quiz masters, others served tables, some worked in the kitchen all night, others monitored the tally board, introduced music items and all kept the evening rolling along. A student auctioneer had everyone chortling with laughter as he skilfully managed a bidding war between an audience member and a phone bidder. A strong family and Simonds staff presence underlined the school’s community effort in hosting this event.

All the Caritas staff had a marvellous evening of fun and entertainment. We were impressed by the exemplary manners and organisational skills of the Simond College boys. But what struck us most about the evening was the understanding amongst the boys that in hosting this evening, they were working together for the good of others. We observed subsidiarity and solidarity right there in the College library.

Underneath the fun and frivolity was a sense that this evening was not about us but all about providing the opportunities for others in the world to enjoy their life to the fullest. The Simonds College boys stood tall and proud and with others on that night – and it was a heart-warming sight to witness this.

We thank the Simonds College community for supporting Project Compassion. We have heard that the suite of Project Compassion fundraising activities will be bigger and better next year – planning has already begun!

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