Stella Maris Students Cycle for Caritas

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Students at Stella Maris Cycling in Solidarity.

The Social Justice Leaders from Year 6 at Stella Maris Primary School in Beaumaris, Victoria, are very powerful motivators. Instead of sitting and chatting during their lunchbreaks, they inspired the entire school to take turns on an exercise bike and ride over 500km to raise money for Caritas Australia.

“We rode an exercise bike every lunchbreak for a week and asked the rest of the school to join us,” said the Social Justice Leaders group. “We wanted to show our support for those people in the world who have to walk or ride a long way to get basic needs like food, water and education."

With a 3-minute ride costing $1, the students managed to reach 500km in one week, raising over $1600 for Caritas Australia along the way.

“We asked local shops to sponsor our Cycle in Solidarity initiative. The whole school and community supported us to fundraise for Caritas,” the students said.

The Year 6 students also organised a Walk-a-Thon and a Dance-a-Thon. “We walked and danced at home and asked for donations from family members,” they said. In yet another initiative, when learning about how to set up and run a business in their inquiry unit – ‘Kidpreneur’ – students afterwards chose to donate their business profits.

On Tuesday December 13, Megan Bourke – Caritas Australia’s Justice Educator Lead (Southern Region) – took part in the school assembly, accepting a cheque for $2407.30 from the Social Justice Leaders.

This amount included a special donation made by a younger student, Ryder. In place of his birthday present this year, Ryder asked his parents to make a donation to Caritas on his behalf. His teachers and other students at Stella Maris were so impressed that they all decided to donate to Ryder’s ‘birthday present for Caritas communities.’

“I was very impressed by the energy and generosity of the students at Stella Maris,” Megan said. “Their actions are a model for others to follow, showing a mature understanding of the common good, participation and helping the most vulnerable.”

Congratulations to the Stella Maris Social Justice Leaders 2016. May your actions continue to inspire others well into the future!

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