Syrian Conflict: Jordan and Lebanon

29 Oct 2019   |   Blog

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With the recent invasion of Turkey into Northern Syria, Caritas Australia is reflecting on its work in the region after almost a decade of conflict. Since the escalation of violence in Syria in March 2011, 5 million Syrians have been displaced from the country and 6 million are internally displaced. With more than 13 million people in need of assistance, the conflict has caused untold suffering for Syrian men, women and children.

In Jordan and Lebanon, here is how Caritas Australia is making a difference with Syrian refugees.

Caritas Australia's work in Jordan

Amal and Mohammed participate in Caritas-supported school education initiatives in Jordan. Photo: Suzy McIntyre, Caritas Australia.
Amal and Mohammed are just two program participants in Caritas-supported school education initiatives in Jordan. Photo: Suzy McIntyre, Caritas Australia.

Here are some of the ways the program is changing lives:

  • 540 children attend Kindergarten classes, three to four days a week across five schools. This also provides them with a safe recreational safe that aids their emotional development following a period of displacement.
  • 1,815 children participate in weekly remedial learning support where they receive tutoring and test taking techniques for success. This empowers children in the classroom and prevents drop-out from formal school.
  • Hygiene workshops have been provided for 2,355 Syrian refugee students. The children have learnt about healthy personal care habits through a series of fun activities.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, students and their families were invited to breakfast at the schools. The iftar celebrations helped strengthen solidarity between students, parents, teachers and staff.

Interested to know more about Caritas’ work with Syrian refugee children? Watch the inspiring story of Bayan, a Syrian refugee dreaming big in Jordan:        

Caritas Australia's work in Lebanon

Mother and child uncertain of their future. Photo: Jean Khoury, Caritas Lebanon.
The winter is particularly challenging for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Photo: Jean Khoury, Caritas Lebanon.


Caritas Australia's work in Lebanon seeks to provide specialist services to strengthen the care provided to young people. Over the next year, with the support of DFAT, the program will continue to seek to prioritize resettlement and safety. Read more about this here.


Learn more about Caritas Australia’s work with displaced Syrian refugees here

Daniel Nour is a Content Specialist at Caritas Australia.

Caritas Australia is grateful for the ongoing support of the Australian government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership.

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