The help that healed Rita

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When the Nepal earthquake hit in late April, 2015, Rita Majhi’s house in Chandanimandan was destroyed.

Caritas Nepal began relief aid in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. It was this aid - food and non-food items, as well as CGI sheets for temporary shelters - that helped Rita, her husband and children regain a sense of normality in their lives .

However one day, almost a year later, Rita was busy going about her household activities, when hardship struck again. A fire occurred in her new home, caused by an electrical short circuit. Unfortunately, Rita could not save any of the items that were inside her temporary shelter such as rice, grocery items, cloths, important documents, money and jewellery. They were all ashes.   

Caritas Nepal was already there on the ground and helped Rita and her family again, this time with two bundles of CGI sheets, blankets, a plastic mat, and a wash kit.

Rita says, "The aid that Caritas Nepal has provided us is of great sympathy, love and affection and gave me a hope to survive, which have empowered me to do something again.”

Caritas Nepal continues their recovery projects to support earthquake victims in the form of water and sanitation facilities, permanent shelter construction, protection, basic psychosocial support and livelihood programs.

Caritas Australia also continues to provide aid and support to communities affected by the earthquake, including those who are most vulnerable during disasters such as women, children, minority groups, the elderly and people living in remote areas.

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