The program ensuring Syrian children can look forward to a brighter future

26 Jul 2019   |   Blog

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Through the Caritas Education Program (CEP), Caritas Australia, along with our partners Caritas Jordan, Catholic Relief Services are helping 2355 Syrian refugee children with access to education across eight local parish schools in seven areas of Jordan. The aim of the program is to provide quality access to quality education while ensuring that vulnerable children in Jordan have an increased sense of stability and wellbeing.

Kindergarten students from the Orthodox school of Madaba boarding the bus home

Kindergarten students from the Orthodox school of Madaba boarding the bus home.

Key achievements

Here is some of the ways the joint program is changing lives:

  • 540 children attend Kindergarten classes, three to four days a week across five schools. This also provides them with a safe edu-recreational safe space that aids their emotional development following a period of displacement.
  • 1815 children participate in weekly remedial learning support where they receive tutoring and test taking techniques for success. This empowers children in the classroom and prevent drop-out from formal school.
  • Hygiene workshops have been provided for 2355 Syrian refugee students. The children have learnt about healthy personal care habits through a series of fun activities.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, students and their families were invited to break fast at the schools. The iftar celebrations helped strengthen solidarity between students, parents, teachers and staff.
  • The CEP also launched an anti-bullying campaign in schools aimed at protecting children from peer-to-peer violence and bullying. The campaign raises awareness among students, teachers and their communities and ensures a safer learning environment for all.
  • Iftar at the Orthodox School of Fuhais
    Iftar at the Orthodox School of Fuhais

    This program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP)

    To learn more about our work in the Middle East, click here.

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