Uttarakhand after the floods and landslides

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Arial view of river after the disaster

Arial view of river before the disaster

Over ten days ago, torrential rainfall hit north India causing widespread damage. Caritas India has been conducting assessments of the situation and providing emergency humanitarian support to affected communities.

Early monsoons brought heavy rain to the state of Uttarakhand in India, leading to extensive flooding and landslides. This natural disaster has caused over a thousand deaths, and widespread destruction in the region.

Caritas India and its local partners have been on the ground responding to the disaster and obtaining information on the situation. However extensive infrastructural damage has made this very challenging.

Over 1,090 houses in the state have been washed away by the floods and landslides. There has also been damage to roads, cutting villages off from essential services such as healthcare clinics, markets for food, and schools. Over half of the villages have experience damage to their drinking water sources, forcing villagers to drink stream water which may be contaminated, or to travel long distances to collect water.

In addition to these immediate problems, the disaster has also caused substantial loss of rain-fed crop, livestock and pastoral lands. This will have long-term consequences on the communities in their abilities to generate income.

In the immediate period, Caritas India is providing emergency relief kits to affected families, starting with those most in need. These kits contain food and non-food items (including medicines, clothes and bedding).

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Watch this video to find out more about the situation and Caritas India’s response:

At the moment, Caritas Australia is not providing support to this disaster response. We will continue to liaise with our network partner Caritas India, and provide updates as the situation requires.

UPDATE - Caritas Australia is now providing financial assistance to Caritas India's emergency relief program. Read more »

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