World Mental Health Day

9 Oct 2011   |   Blog

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Monday 10 October is World Mental Health Day. Supported by the United Nations (UN), this annual event is held to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide.

According to the World HealthOrganisation (WHO)*, the majority of low and middle-income countries spend less than 2% of their health budget on mental health. And in many countries there are more than a million people for every mental health specialist.

Disability (mental and physical) is both a critical cause and a devastating consequence of household poverty. For this reason, Caritas Australia is involved with programs that specifically assist with disability and mental health issues in many developing countries across the world, including Indigenous Australia.

In South East Asia, our programs include -

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos): We are funding the Lao Disabled People’s Association which runs a small school for intellectually disabled children. There is little known about intellectual disability in Lao PDR. This project helps parents and teachers develop skills to support children with intellectual disabilities.

Vietnam: More than 32,000 people within the Vietnamese province of Hue live with a permanent disability. It is vital that people with disabilities and their families receive support, and yet sadly, most of those with physical and mental disabilities in Hue live isolated from their community. Caritas Australia supports a disability and development program run by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD). The project supports 750 disabled people (and their families), working to improve their health, livelihoods and social integration.

Before, during and after the headlines Caritas Australia is helping people in need. Donate to Caritas Australia today.

*WHO is the UN’s directing and coordinating authority for health. Read more about World Mental Health Day 2011.

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