Healing through devotion to others

3 Jun 2015   |   Blog   |   Nepal   |   Emergency Relief

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Ganga and Rewati

Two truly inspiring women are helping others recover from the Nepal earthquakes despite their own family tragedies. Prakash Khadka of Caritas Nepal reports.

Ganga Pathak and Rewati Thapa work in the Outpatient Department at Thokarpa health post in Nepal. Ganga, 24, is an assistant health worker and Rewati, 20, handles delivery cases.

On 25 of April both of them were treating patients when the first Nepal earthquake hit the district. They immediately ran out in the field, as the adjoining block fell down in front of their eyes.

They tried to phone their parents in a faraway village, but could not get through to them.

The very next day, when telephone service partially resumed, Ganga received the devastating news of her mother’s death. Their villages of Sangachok and Jalbire were among the worst hit by the earthquake.

These two brave young women, without losing hope, continued to serve their community, looking after the many injured people who needed their expertise.

During the day, we forget our sorrows by treating people."

“I did lose my mother whom I can’t bring back, but I have to make my heart strong as I should fulfil my responsibilities towards those who managed to survive here,” said Ganga.

Devoted to helping others

Thokarpa health post was without staff for two years before Ganga and Rewati were temporarily appointed. It was the first job for both of them, beginning just seven months earlier.  In the course of a month, they alone have been able to treat more than 400 villagers in the health post, despite severe shortages in basic medicines after the earthquake.

Injuries have increased even after the earthquakes as people try to clear debris and get their possessions back.

The girls have also successfully handled two delivery cases, with three more in the queue this month. They also sadly attended one miscarriage – a result of the earthquake.

Out of love and compassion, the two girls are devoting all their efforts to their work. “We don’t want to refer people out to the big hospital if we can treat them ourselves; especially poorer ones who come here trusting us, so they will not have to worry about expenses.” they said.

They console themselves by the service they provided. “During the day, we forget our sorrows by treating people. But by night, we too miss our homes and dear ones. That makes us sad, but we are not the only victims here.”

Both Ganga and Rewati are helping out at the Caritas-supported Health Camp in Thokarpa, Sindhupalchowk.

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Patients and staff outside health centre

The health camp at Sindhupalchowk. Photo: Caritas Nepal

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