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A Nepali child

Nepalese people are positive thinking, generous and incredibly hospitable. In some areas they don’t expect anything from us.

In fact, many have asked us to help people who are even poorer than themselves. They have told us to go to other areas that are even in greater need. Can you imagine that?

Chintan Manadhar, Project Coordinator with Caritas Nepal, is helping distribute emergency relief in some of the hardest-hit areas of Nepal. Here he reflects on his experiences in the field.

I have found Nepali people to be hopeful for the coming days—they have lost almost everything, and yet they still have light.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is the monsoon. We are seeing more rains now and, during the height of the monsoon season, there will be torrential downpours every day. While the monsoon is important for our rice and for our vegetation, it has negative impacts when it comes in such intensity—like floods and landslides. 

People might have money to purchase shelter items (such as corrugated iron sheeting or bamboo), but they may be unable to buy them because they are not available in the market.

Caring for our brothers and sisters


We worry that some of the most impoverished and needy people are being forgotten – they are so isolated and busy trying to survive. We are doing our best to reach them. 

I think particularly of those who have the most basic living conditions, who are sleeping outside or under tarps. I am in my bed with my blanket, but I think of the people under the sky, in the field, pregnant women, who don’t even have blankets or good cover. I am often thinking of them. 

In solidarity

One of the most wonderful things I have seen at Caritas is the solidarity among the Caritas family – it is quite incredible to have so many colleagues and so much support from around the world. It makes me feel not alone. It makes us feel that we have people behind us, standing with us in this difficult time.

We thank our donors. The money that they give to people is critical, and is so helpful. I would want people to know that Nepal is not unsafe. Come visit Nepal – please visit Nepal to help Nepal.

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  • Pranab R Choudhury

    “Salute to your commitment and solidarity Chintan..We are proud of you..”

  • Tilak

    “Salute Chintan Dai for your very motivating words and for your effort to serve the victims. I know you were and will be such that you are at present. ”