We Grow Stronger - Three months on from Typhoon Haiyan

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Honeyrea's story

“Looking at the city after the typhoon, I did not know where to start.” – Celestino Martinez Jr, Mayor of Bogo Citya, Philippines.

That was three months ago when the largest typhoon to ever hit land struck the Philippines. The lives of over 14 million people were devastated as they faced the daunting task of rebuilding their lives once the storm had passed.

Over a million homes were destroyed; people were left with no food, no water and no electricity in the hardest hit areas. The landscape had completely changed. Debris from shattered buildings and torn trees littered the streets, making it difficult enough to travel around, let alone deliver vital aid. But, that didn’t stop communities affected or international aid organisations from starting the recovery process.

“Good hearted people like NGOs started coming in and that is what made us strong,” said Mayor Martinez Jr.

“People from the other countries are coming, helping us,” explained Caritas volunteer, Jasper.

Three months on, life is looking brighter. Caritas agencies from all around the world have rallied since the storm struck to help over 500,000 people with food, water and shelter. We are also continuing to help communities rebuild for the longer term, assisting people with livelihood activities and psychosocial support.

We are very grateful. We really thank from the bottom of our hearts. No words can express how thankful we are.”
- Celestino Martinez Jr, Mayor of Bogo Citya

This is the story so far…

In the words of storm survivors:

Honeyrea's story

Fr Ivo's story

Jasper's story


It is thanks to the generous support of the Australia community that we have been able to help thousands of people recover and look to the future. We at Caritas Australia echo the words of Honeyrea, Father Ivo, Jasper and Mayor Martinez Jr. when we say a sincere thank you. Thank you for your support.

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