Praying for peace in the Middle East

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Recently conflict in the Middle East has been at the forefront of the news, with reports of dreadful violence affecting civilians. Hearing about these terrible acts of violence has been heartbreaking; leaving many people asking what can be done?

Pope Francis has been asking people to pray especially for peace in Iraq, and for the people who have been forced to flee from their homes.

Tweet by Pope Francis

Caritas Australia is praying for peace in this troubled region, particularly in Iraq, Gaza and Syria. We pray for families who have lost loved ones, and those who will bear the scars of the fighting long after it is over.

Pray in solidarity with our brothers and sisters with this prayer from our UK partner CAFOD:

Prayer for peace in the Middle East

Download prayer [PDF 303KB]

What has been happening?


Escalating violence in Iraq has driven tens of thousands of people to flee from their homes. Extremists calling themselves the Islamic State have seized large swathes of territory in the north and have been targeting civilians.

“It’s a catastrophe, a tragic situation: tens of thousands of terrified people are being displaced as we speak,” said the Chaldean Archbishop Joseph Thomas of Kirkuk.

Our network partners, CRS (Caritas USA) and Caritas Iraq, are providing humanitarian relief to thousands of displaced Iraqi families. The response so far has included providing food, bedding and hygiene supplies.


The surge in violence across the Israel and Palestine Territories began in mid-June 2014 has led to continued cross-border fire and airstrikes. People are living in constant fear of being attacked.

Caritas Australia is supporting Caritas Jerusalem’s work in providing medical services and essential medicines to those affected by the conflict. Find out more about the situation in Gaza  »


The ongoing conflict in Syria continues to take its toll on families and communities. Since 2011, nearly 3 million people have fled to neighbouring countries seeking refuge.

Caritas Australia is providing essential humanitarian support to Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Find out more about the Syria crisis »

The Caritas response in the Middle East is focused on providing help to women, children and men who are most vulnerable in the violence. Donations to the Emergency Response Fund help provide aid to communities during humanitarian situtations such as these.

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  • Felicity

    “Can you clarify how help is getting through to those in Gaza from Jerusalem please.”

  • Caritas Australia

    “Hi Felicity, fortunately with the ceasefire last week, crossings into Gaza have been reopened, so humanitarian aid can get through. Working with our regional partners, we're helping to provide vital medical and psychosocial services to people affected by the conflict.”