Holy Rosary students clock up 895km in Walkathon

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Students from Holy Rosary in Kensington, Melbourne

Participants in Holy Rosary Kensington (Melbourne) Primary School’s Walkathon walked an astounding 895.25km this year.

The course measured 250 metres and students completed on average 12-16 laps or 3-4 km each.

Despite a chilly and overcast start to the day, the sun appeared in time for the first walkers.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and there were plenty of rosy cheeks and smiles all around, in particular as participants had their ‘lap cards’ – to indicate how many laps they had completed – stamped at the end of each lap.

The event raised $2020 for Caritas Australia.

The Holy Rosary Kensington Walkathon is organised by the school’s Social Justice Committee.  

Fundraising raises both funds and awareness for Caritas Australia. Through organising fundraising activities, groups are not only contributing to life-changing programs worldwide, but also standing in solidarity with communities around the world.

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  • Kathy and Peter pollard

    “We have 3 grandchildren at Holy Rosary, Kensington, and are very impressed by the efforts of the Social Justice Committee.”