Around the Region: South Australia

by User Not Found | Jul 23, 2018

Our Justice Educators share and teach the work of Caritas and social justice each term to schools in their regions.

From Suzy Penberthy in South Australia:

A special thank you to those of you who partnered with us throughout Project Compassion 2018, across the Adelaide and Port Pirie dioceses. As always, it is wonderful to hear about the student-led actions within your school communities in support of the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Water Awareness Day at St Joseph's, Tranmere

A dedicated group of Year 7 students make up the Just Leadership Team at St Joseph’s School, Tranmere. Following their participation in a Just Leadership Day during Project Compassion earlier this year, the team planned and facilitated a Water Awareness Day for their whole school. They began the day with a Liturgy, which included a presentation on Caritas and Project Compassion. Moses, a Sudanese student, shared a moving story about how his grandmother has to walk long distances every day to collect water. He explained that the water from the river is dirty and, if it’s not treated properly, will make people sick.

Later in the day, the school walked to a local park and gathered in a large circle under the gum trees. Beginning with the Reception students and finishing with Year 7, a bucket of water was passed around the circle so that everyone could feel just how heavy water is to carry. Students were encouraged not to spill a drop of this precious resource as they passed it along! Each class group then participated in water relays – with the winning class having the most water remaining in their bucket at the end.

The Just Leadership Team received incredibly positive feedback from their peers, many of whom expressed how much they had learnt throughout the day. There was a genuine feeling amongst the students that they would now be much more aware of water as a precious resource.


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