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Caritas responds to Cyclone Bulbul: Strong winds, swift support in Bangladesh

19 Nov 2019   |   Blog

The Caritas network is on the ground providing emergency relief and support in the aftermath of Cyclone Bulbul, which made landfall in West Bengal on November 9th, causing significant damage.… Continue reading

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  • Kiribati and Sea Level Rise: How Mangroves Help

    13 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    Teruabine Anna Nuariki, climate activist and Caritas partner from Kiribati Climate Action Network, has presented at COP25 for a second time, speaking of innovative climate adaptations happening in her island nation of Kiribati.

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  • Salma’s story

    10 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    Salma lives with her husband, Masud, in the rural community of Gazipur, two hours from Bangladesh’s bustling capital.

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  • Vannak's Story

    9 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    When Vannak left school at 15 to support his family he felt a sense of hopelessness and knew that he could end up in a youth gang. The Youth Empowerment Project, run by Caritas Australia’s partner, Youth for Peace, gave Vannak a whole new sense of direction.

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  • Sr Louise McKeogh: Acting for peace and justice to build a world of hope

    4 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    "I think the people of Caritas are very inspiring, as is the work of Caritas and the people who’ve worked with Caritas for a very long time. Caritas always stays with you, you always stay part of the family" - Sr Louise McKeogh

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  • Teruabine Anna Nuariki from Kiribati attends COP25

    4 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    Teruabine Anna Nuariki from Kiribati Climate Action Network is attending COP25, happening now in Madrid. Anna has delivered an incredibly powerful speech at a press conference, representing her people and the concerns of thousands who call the Pacific their home.

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  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Breaking Barriers and Opening Doors

    3 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    Today marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities an annual observance established by the United Nations in 1992. On this day the rights and well-being of people living with a disability are commemorated. Their achievements and contributions are celebrated and, despite countless obstacles, we are reminded of the positive role they have to play in the community.

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  • Seeds of Hope: Caritas State of the Environment Report 2019

    28 Nov 2019   |   Blog

    The State of the Environment for Oceania Report 2019 has been released by Caritas Australia. It’s a collaborative production between Caritas Australia’s sister agencies in Oceania, Aotearoa New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea. The stories woven throughout the report, amplify voices of youth, scientists, Indigenous people and those close to the land. As the climate emergency in Oceania escalates, Caritas is calling for urgent, coordinated climate action.

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  • Universal Children’s Day

    19 Nov 2019   |   Blog

    20 November 2019 marks Universal Children’s Day a celebration of the international rights of the child and a call for peace. It was established in 1954 to promote togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving their welfare. Universal Children’s Day is both an inspiration and opportunity for communities to come together to improve child welfare worldwide, celebrate and promote, through dialogue and actions, ways to build a better world for children.

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  • Story of Caritas volunteer Jamie Jing

    5 Nov 2019   |   Blog

    Caritas Australia is only able to perform its important work in schools and communities through the support of dedicated volunteers. One way that Caritas does this is through its justice resources, which are tools for teachers to enhance their teaching and learning across all areas and promote not only the work of Caritas but also raise awareness of important global issues such as poverty, climate justice, food security and fair trade.

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  • Lachlan Brannan Shaves his Head for Climate

    31 Oct 2019   |   Blog

    “When I started learning about climate change in school, I found out how droughts, floods and increased storm activity affect the livelihoods of people all over the world. Climate change affects everyone.” We spoke to Lachlan Brannan – a South Australian university student fighting for climate justice.

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Thandalwayo in Zimbabwe
Now I can bathe every day, the distance to collect water for the family has been drastically reduced.We now drink clean, safe water and diseases are no longer affecting us.”
- Thandolwayo, Zimbabwe

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