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5 things you should know about water

17 Mar 2019   |   Blog

We all need water. It is vital to the existence and well-being of humans, nature and the sustainability of the planet. That is why, this year’s Project Compassion appeal has placed special focus on water. Here are five important things you should know:… Continue reading

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  • Who was St. Oscar Romero?

    22 Mar 2019   |   Blog

    On the 14th of October 2018, Pope Francis canonised seven saints in Rome’s Saint Peter’s Square – a ceremony years in the making. Among those canonised was Oscar Arnulfo Romero – a profound figure to Caritas, the Catholic Church and El Salvador overall. So, who was he and why is he an important person to commemorate? ​

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  • Project Compassion 2019: The story so far

    20 Mar 2019   |   Blog

    Since the launch of Project Compassion on March 6, students, parishes and community supporters throughout Australia have taken action in an effort to make a difference on this situation. Fundraising for Caritas Australia’s international programs as part of our main annual appeal, Project Compassion, has officially begun.

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  • Christchurch Shootings: Message of solidarity

    18 Mar 2019   |   Blog

    Caritas Australia was deeply saddened by the events that occurred in Christchurch last Friday. We want to express our profound sorrow and grief to victims, family and friends affected by this tragic act of violence.

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  • 100% Determination this International Women’s Day

    8 Mar 2019   |   Blog

    When communities experience poverty, women and girls bear the burden greatly. They’re often tasked with managing their households’ consumption where resources are already quite scarce. This was the case for twelve-year-old Thadolwayo from Zimbabwe, our feature story from this year’s Project Compassion.

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  • Indonesia Tsunami Update: Message of solidarity

    23 Dec 2018   |   Blog

    At least 220 people have been killed and 843 people injured on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra when a tsunami struck areas around the Sunda Strait late on Saturday following a sub-sea landslide caused by a volcanic eruption.

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  • How to make meaningful New Year's resolutions

    21 Dec 2018   |   Blog

    While it’s normal to set New Years Resolutions such as “Lose weight” or “Eat healthily”, this sort of goal setting often leads to failure a few weeks (or days in). Feeling disheartened, you give up and revert to old habits.

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  • Building strength and resilient communities

    19 Dec 2018   |   Blog

    The remarkable strength, resilience and hope of the communities Caritas works with, despite the many challenges they face was a source of inspiration for Paul O’Callaghan, Caritas Australia’s CEO, during a recent visit to communities in Indonesia.

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  • 2018: The year that was

    18 Dec 2018   |   Blog

    As we say goodbye to another fruitful year, we reflect on 2018 and the many stories of hope, determination and strength that have inspired us.

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  • Share the Journey and expand the horizons of your heart this Christmas

    10 Dec 2018   |   Blog

    If you look at Christ’s birth and death with today’s eyes, you could think he was a loser; born in a stable and thirty-three years later crucified by his own people like a common criminal.

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  • Building lives and livelihoods: International Day of People with Disability

    28 Nov 2018   |   Blog

    On International Day of People with Disability, December 3rd, Caritas Australia celebrates the achievements of the thousands of people who have taken part in its program in Vietnam – “Empowering People with Disabilities."

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Thandalwayo in Zimbabwe
Now I can bathe every day, the distance to collect water for the family has been drastically reduced.We now drink clean, safe water and diseases are no longer affecting us.”
- Thandolwayo, Zimbabwe

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