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Caritas responds to Philippines volcanic eruptions

15 Jan 2020   |   Blog

The Caritas Network is on the ground in Quezon Province in the Philippines following a series of volcanic eruptions which have the potential to affect half a million people, according to United Nations.… Continue reading

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    13 Dec 2019   |   Blog

    Teruabine Anna Nuariki, climate activist and Caritas partner from Kiribati Climate Action Network, has presented at COP25 for a second time, speaking of innovative climate adaptations happening in her island nation of Kiribati. (This is blog 2 of 2 in a series on Anna's experience at COP25. After you've read this, )

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Thandalwayo in Zimbabwe
Now I can bathe every day, the distance to collect water for the family has been drastically reduced.We now drink clean, safe water and diseases are no longer affecting us.”
- Thandolwayo, Zimbabwe

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