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Celebrating our Women Humanitarians

19 Aug 2019   |   Blog

Eleanor Trinchera is Caritas Australia’s Program Coordinator, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. She has had a colourful career in the 10 years she has worked for Caritas, witnessing many crises faced by the countries she overlooks but most importantly, the resilience and determination of the communities she works with. Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we ask her about her experiences.… Continue reading

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  • Who is Lazarus and where do we find him?

    20 Sep 2013   |   Blog   |   Supporter action

    On 11 September 2013, Helen Forde, Acting CEO of Caritas Australia, spoke at the launch of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference's Social Justice Statement, Lazarus at our Gate: A critical moment in our fight against world poverty.

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  • Everyone has a right to an education

    7 Sep 2012   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    8th of September is International Literacy Day, a day to recognise the importance of literacy to individuals, families and communities. However there are millions of children who are unable to attend school due to poverty and other barriers. Sr Ivy Khoury tells us about the Creating Caring Schools program, a program for vulnerable children to overcome barriers to learning and remain in school longer to gain a quality education in a safe environment.

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  • Breaking the shackles of poverty

    4 Sep 2012   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    “Only the educated are free,” said Epictetus (AD 55-AD 135), a Greek philosopher who began life as a slave. His words ring true, even today.

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  • A Staple in the Sahel

    19 Jun 2012   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    In Al Hadj Derib, a small village in Chad in the Sahel region of Africa, a famine has arrived. The inventories have depleted, so Caritas Switzerland is distributing sorghum, the staple food in the region. This way, the locals have at least one meal a day until the next harvest.

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  • Giving new life this Easter

    5 Apr 2012   |   Blog   |   Project Compassion

    “The message of the risen Christ is one of resurrection, of renewal and regeneration. That message is replayed in the nature around us. There is new life everywhere we look,” said Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, Caritas Internationalis President, in his 2012 Easter message.

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  • Home Alone in Nepal

    19 Mar 2012   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    “Where’s your mother?” Usually when you ask small children this question, the answer is predictable: At home. At the market. At work, a few kilometres or a drive away. In villages of Nepal, a deeply impoverished country on India’s northeast border, children answer differently. “In Kuwait.” “In Saudi.” “She’s in a foreign country.” By Laura Sheahan, Caritas Internationalis

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  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    1 Dec 2011   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Tomorrow, Saturday 3 December, is the UN recognised International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The theme for 2011 is: Together for a better world for all: including persons with disabilities in development.

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  • The Poor Deserve More

    8 Nov 2011   |   Blog   |   Supporter action

    During Anti-Poverty Week (16-22 October 2011), students from the St John the Baptist Primary School in Gladstone Qld reflected on marginalised communities around the world.

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  • Three Days to Remember

    12 Oct 2011   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    On 15, 16 and 17 October there are three United Nations (UN) recognised days that are aimed at raising awareness for people in developing countries - International Day of Rural Women; World Food Day, and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Here’s a snapshot on how Caritas Australia is assisting with these different, yet intrinsically linked, areas.

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Thandalwayo in Zimbabwe
Now I can bathe every day, the distance to collect water for the family has been drastically reduced.We now drink clean, safe water and diseases are no longer affecting us.”
- Thandolwayo, Zimbabwe

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