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Around the Region: Victoria and Tasmania - Term 2

11 Jul 2018   |   Blog   |   Global injustices   |   Human rights   |   Youth   |   Education

An update from Megan Bourke and Gwen Michener, in Victoria and Tasmania.… Continue reading

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  • Helping Leprosy patients in Darfur

    23 Jan 2014   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Most people in the West know of leprosy only from history books and the Bible. The disease is much less contagious than it’s made out to be, and its progress is easily stopped with cheap medicine. But in a few developing countries, neither the illness nor leper colonies are a thing of the past.

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  • A passion for helping others

    15 Jan 2014   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Providing health services in the highlands of Papua New Guinea has not been easy for Sister Odillia and her community health team. But, through their non-judgemental approach to treating sexually transmitted infections, they are saving lives.

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  • Healthcare for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

    16 Aug 2013   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    Since the start of the conflict in early 2011, life in Syria has progressively worsened. There is now no electricity or running water. Inflation is rampant. What cost 15 Syrian pounds before the war, now cost 150 Syrian pounds. “You had to stand in line for three hours just to buy bread,” said Ali. And then there are the bombs, rockets and air attacks.

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Janaki in Nepal
Through my heart I felt that I need to be the leader and serve the community. Now I’m confident of myself and I’m sure I can expand my business to a new level.
- Janaki, Nepal

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