Uncle Richard's story - Australia

Love Your Neighbour

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation, a Caritas Australia partner, offered Uncle Richard and other former Stolen Generations survivors the chance to heal after a childhood of suffering.

We’ve still got a lot of anger but we’re controlling it now, coming together."
Uncle Richard

First Australian Uncle Richard is a survivor of the Stolen Generations, forcibly removed from his family as a child and taken to Kinchela Boys Home (KBH) in NSW. Hundreds of Indigenous boys were incarcerated there between 1924 and 1970, suffering ongoing physical and verbal abuse. They lost every aspect of their identity – their names, their culture and their families.

When Uncle Richard left KBH, he struggled with the legacy of pain, trying to find relief through his work as an artist. But he attributes the beginning of his healing to something even more powerful than his creative work, his reconnection with former KBH boys.

The KBH Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) was established by KBH survivors to reunite with one another and begin healing. KBHAC’s Unlocking the Past to Free the Future Program works to restore the social and emotional wellbeing of the survivors and their families. The former KBH boys have realised that their shared suffering has created a brotherhood. They support each other by sharing their stories, and coming to a common understanding of how their experiences have impacted on themselves and their descendants.

Through KBHAC, the men are also opening the door to the wider Australian community, inviting everyone to journey together as neighbours in the healing process. Caritas Australia supports KBHAC and is proud to walk alongside in partnership on the journey to wellbeing.

Uncle Richard
We can hopefully show the way for other people to learn from our pain. And we're trying to be the leader, a role model for our kids." - Uncle Richard