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Janaki's story - Napal

A Just Future Starts with Empowerment

Janaki is a young entrepreneur from Nepal, who has turned her life around. Growing up in a world of poverty and disadvantage, coupled with a forced marriage at the age of 12, she was in a very vulnerable position. Even more so when her husband died just two years into their marriage. She’s now running her own successful sewing business and has become an inspirational community leader.

I was so frustrated that I thought that my life was a waste...now I’m proud, I’m confident of myself and I’m sure I can expand my business to a new level."

In 2015, Janaki joined a youth club formed by Caritas Australia partners, Caritas Nepal and the Ekata Foundation Surkhet, as part of the Children and Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) which provides youth with job skills and income-generating projects. She took a loan from the youth club to purchase her first sewing machine.

Two years on, Janaki has 11 sewing machines and is running her own business, teaching others and is considered a community role model.

Janaki - Nepal
I’m happy that I’m motivating and teaching other people as well. I appreciate all those respected peoples of Australia who are supporting this wise cause, with your help, women who experience domestic violence and who are financially vulnerable are getting new hope in their life which I think is very generous and kind. I thank you from bottom of my heart." - Janaki

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