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Psyche Mae's Story - Philippines

A Just Future Starts with Opportunity

When Psyche Mae featured in Project Compassion 2008, she was living in a squatter settlement, on the edge of a giant rubbish dump outside Manila in the Philippines. Her family was forced to pick through the rubbish to sell what they could to survive.

I decided to work with women and children because I’m wearing their shoes, I feel what they feel."
Psyche Mae

Check out Psyche Mae’s original story from Project Compassion 2008.

In 2018, Psyche Mae is now a young social worker, achieving her dream of helping others struggling to leave poverty behind them – with plans to study a Master’s degree.

Thanks to the support of individuals and Caritas Australia through Project Compassion, the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) program helps people like Psyche Mae to learn job and income-generating skills, encourages education, addresses health and runs programs that enable members to save money and take out small, low interest loans. It’s estimated around 5000 people are assisted directly or indirectly by this program.

Psyche Mae’s mother is now a full-time sewer at home and her father works with the House Repair program, run by FCJ. Her brother, Franklin has graduated from tertiary education and is working in IT, while her other two brothers and her sister are studying hard.

With their jobs and the help of a community savings plan – Psyche Mae’s entire family managed to lift themselves out of poverty and build a just future.

Psyche Mae- Philippines  
It was always my dream to have a healthy environment where dwellers have positive relationships, families are strengthened and have access to permanent employment, livelihood and other social services. And women and children and vulnerable sectors are protected."
- Psyche Mae

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