Thank you

Many teachers, social justice coordinators, Religious Education Coordinators/APREs and CEO RE consultants provided their feedback on drafts of this Educational CST toolkit. These generous contributors have helped shape the toolkit you find on these web pages.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who provided their time, comments and thoughts, to enrich the toolkit and help make it as engaging, teacher-friendly and simple as possible.

In particular, our deepest gratitude and thanks to Fr Bruce Duncan, who gave advice and feedback on the Scriptural and faith elements to the toolkit.

From the Education Team at Caritas Australia, thank you!


This is a really wonderful resource that is content and age appropriate. It beautifully ties in scripture and social justice in a really relevant way that I feel will engage children. The hyperlinked resources add ease to the whole process [of integration]. There's enough background info for the teacher, and the use of technology in the unit is really positive. I like the way there are options for those who are 'app' enabled and those who are not.
Sara Goulding, Primary teacher, VIC

I am very impressed with this resource. The content is very substantial and the fact that there is reference to related Church documents, bible stories and the Caritas mission and vision is all very worthwhile. Another positive to the program is that it is entirely self- sufficient: everything you need to complete the unit is contained in the unit. This makes it very user friendly for busy teachers. This would fit well into a term program incorporating all of the CST principles or in isolation within a broader unit where one CST principle relates to the core content of that unit.
Michael Wensing, REC, NSW

The videos are great and effectively get the message across to a wide range of learners. The learning activities are great and age appropriate and allow for a deep engagement with the material. We often struggle using Web 2.0 type activities as our staff are not as skilled yet at using them, however when trialling the resource they were able to easily adapt the tasks to suit their classrooms.
Derek Worden, Brisbane high school teacher, QLD

Great resources – fantastic effort. There is an abundance of ideas.
Peter Higgins, Religious Education Coordinator Catholic Education Office WA consultant

“This is brilliant. It incorporates scriptural background to the principles as part of our Catholic tradition. You have so much material that teachers can pick and choose the elements according to their class. The combination of inquiry learning activities, visuals, worksheets, websites make the whole package attractive to teachers and helps engage the students. The quality of content is wonderful and you have packaged together what I can spend hours doing and trying to find. I’m excited to use your resources!”
Josie Dilettoso, Justice and Peace Leader, VIC

“The information ‘hits the mark well’, especially in our school community that has a large proportion of non-Catholic students.”
Kevin O'Brien, high school teacher, WA

“Your work is amazing and I cannot wait to try out the lessons! You are producing exciting and amazing classroom materials.”
Mary Harmes, high school teacher, VIC

“This is a great initiative!”
Michael Smith, high school teacher, VIC

“There is a good variety of material and having different approaches for different ages makes a lot of sense.”
James Depazzi, high school teacher, Bunbury Diocese, WA

“The resource is terrific. It will be a great help to teachers, and has a great balance of technology, written work and scripture. The content is sound, modern, and uses the positive vibe surrounding Pope Francis well. It is definitely engaging and suitable to use for all high school students and would be very easy to integrate.”
John Roff and Jennifer Lindsay, high school teachers, WA

“This is fantastic!”
Michele Armstrong, REC/Social Justice Coordinator, VIC

“This is a wonderful resource! It is age appropriate, and the Big Question will capture students’ attention. Each lesson is well sequenced to achieve its focus and the strategies used will keep their interest. The lessons build from one to the next in terms of difficulty with the final lesson having the students draw together their thoughts in the creation of a prayer. It is engaging with plenty of opportunity for sharing.”
Alan Gotti, Religious Education Coordinator Catholic Education Office WA consultant

“The resource looks great! It will be fantastic for teachers to use as support for our social justice units.”
Kerry Troost, Religious Education Coordinator Catholic Education Office WA consultant

“I can see great take up of these resources by our teachers.”
Leigh Stower, Religious Education Coordinator Catholic Education Office QLD consultant

With many thanks to these and the following additional contributors: Tony Dalton, Kilbreda College, VIC; Rachel Roche, Parade College Bundoora, VIC; Kathleen (Kate) Chilvers, REC, St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School Carnarvon (Diocese of Geraldton), WA.

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