Asia Emergency Appeal

Caritas Australia works in partnership with local agencies across Asia to provide emergency relief. We work with communities to reduce the impact of disasters and build resilience, reduce vulnerability and ensure long-term recovery. Over the years, Caritas Australia has implemented a variety of emergency responses and appeals in the Asia region.

Current Caritas Network Responses

Indonesia Tsunami, 23 December 2018

At least 222 people have been killed and 843 people injured on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra when a tsunami struck areas around the Sunda Strait late on Saturday following a sub-sea landslide caused by a volcanic eruption. Caritas Australia is liaising with partners in Indonesia to evaluate the scope of the crisis and response. More information will be provided soon.

Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami, Indonesia - September 2018

Caritas Australia and our partners are currently assessing the impact of the earthquake and resultant tsunami which has killed hundreds in Sulawesi, Indonesia.  

Typhoon Mangkhut, Philippines - September 2018

Caritas Australia and our partners are assessing the impact of Typhoon Mangkhut in the Phliippines. Storm surges and heavy rains triggered flash floods and landslides.

Caritas partners are on the ground providing immediate assistance. If the magnitude of the damage is as expected, Caritas Australia will use funds from our Asia Emergency Appeal to support rapid responses.

Flooding in Kerala, India - August 2018 

With the official death toll in excess of 300, the recent flooding in Kerala state have rendered an estimated 800,000 people homeless and seeking refuge in approximately 4000 camps.

Our sister organisations in-country, Caritas India and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), are already working with partners to distribute basic household supplies, shelter and hygiene kits to the most affected families. Emergency water and sanitation (WASH) activities are currently being developed to address immediate needs and reduce the potential for disease outbreaks.

Refugee Crisis - Bangladesh

Refugee crisis - Bangladesh

The Caritas network is responding to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

Since late August, more than 600,000 people, most of whom identify as Rohingya, have crossed the Myanmar border.

Caritas has been responding to the immediate needs of this devastating humanitarian crisis by providing essential food items such as dal, salt, sugar and cooking oil, as well as basic cooking utensils. So far, Caritas Bangladesh has supported over 305,000 individuals.

Your donation to the Caritas Asia Emergency Appeal will help to respond to the escalating immediate and ongoing needs of this devastating humanitarian crisis by providing food, non-food items, shelter, clean water, mobile health clinics and sanitation facilities.

Floods across South Asia, 2017

In August, 2017, severe monsoon rains caused widespread flooding across the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The disaster affected over 40 million people, with an estimated 1,300 deaths.

The floods destroyed crops, homes, schools, health facilities, with many people living in shelters and relief camps.

150,000 people are being assisted by the Caritas Internationalis network. The network is providing support and assistance through food, WASH, shelter, livelihoods, health and protection/psychosocial support.

Other Emergency Responses

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How you can help

Your donation to the Asia Emergency Appeal will enable Caritas Australia to provide immediate assistance to communities affected by these emergencies, as well as long-term reconstruction.

Donate to Asia Emergency Appeal to assist communities in need. Donations $2 and over are tax deductable.

Caritas Australia works hard to keep administration costs low and ensure your donation has maximum impact. For more information view our annual reports or contact us on 1800 024 413.

*Donations to the Asia Emergency Appeal will be used for humanitarian emergency response activities in the Asia region where communities may be affected by natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes or drought, or man-made disasters such as conflict, famine, displaced populations or industrial accidents. Beyond that, funds may be used to help rebuild homes and communities, to re-establish livelihoods, and to help communities prepare for future disasters.

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