Crisis in Gaza

Although a ceasefire has brought an end to hostilities, the crisis in Gaza is far from over. The international Caritas network is providing humanitarian support as civilians return to their homes and begin the task of rebuilding.

Women standing in front of their destroyed house in Gaza

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The surge in violence across Israel and the Occupied Territories began in June 2014 with cross-border fire and airstrikes. Over the following weeks, over 2,000 people were killed in the conflict, many of whom were civilians.

Fortunately since then, there has been an end to hostilities, with an open-ended ceasefire being brokered by Egypt on 26 August 2014. This welcome news has meant that crossings into Gaza have been reopened, allowing humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials to enter.

Although the ceasefire brings an end to the hostilities, the crisis in Gaza is far from over. It is estimated that 13% of Gaza’s housing has been affected by the conflict; and as people slowly return home, many will be faced with the task of rebuilding or repairing damages to their homes. Water and electricity infrastructure have also been majorly affected in the conflict, and hospitals report shortages in fuel and medical supplies.

How Caritas is helping

Caritas Australia is supporting our partner Caritas Jerusalem in directly helping over 15,000 people affected by the crisis in Gaza. The response includes:

  • Delivering vital medical and psychosocial services
  • Providing essential medicines to hospitals and medical centres
  • Food assistance
  • Non-food items, including hygiene kits, water containers and blankets
We work every day because the people need us… We can’t leave them without any assistance at this moment.”
Mahmoud, a Caritas worker

How you can help

Your donation to the Emergency Response Fund will help Caritas Australia continue to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by emergencies around the world, including Gaza. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

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Prayer for peace in the Middle East

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Caritas continues to pray for the families who have been affected by the conflict, and that parties will continue in inclusive negotiations on the road to peace.

"We pray for the Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost their children, mothers and fathers and for those who have been killed..." - Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, President of Caritas Internationalis

You can join us with this prayer created by our UK partner CAFOD:

Prayer for peace in the Middle East