Canberra man walks 1,900km across African desert for charity

21 Sep 2017   |   Supporter action   |   Poverty

Walking thousands of kilometres alone in an African desert, with nothing but a soccer ball and an iPod for company, is something that few of us would contemplate. Canberra adventurer and Caritas Australia supporter, Matt Napier, however, did exactly that, walking thousands of kilometres to raise money for those living in poverty.

During the 1,900 kilometre walk across the Namib Desert, from the south of Namibia to Angola, Matt tackled 250 metre high sand dunes, isolation and threats from wildlife, including lions. Along the way, Matt’s wife Wendy played a supporting role, driving a backup vehicle, preparing meals and when needed treating Matt’s blisters.

Over $20,000 raised by the walk will go to help support Caritas Australia’s Integrated Community Development program in Zimbabwe. The three - year program assists some of the country’s most vulnerable people to access clean water and sanitation and to enhance their food security.

“For my wife and I giving back makes us feel much better on the inside as individuals,” Matt said.

“I think as human beings, it shouldn’t matter where we’re born, we should all be given the basics in life, which include food, water, shelter, healthcare and education. For me this was an opportunity to make a difference.”

Learn more about Matt and Wendy's journey in the video below:

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