Caritas responds to Cyclone Gita

12 Feb 2018   |   Pacific   |   Emergency Relief   |   Emergencies

Tonga is bracing for Cyclone Gita to make landfall today, with the cyclone raised to a Category Five overnight.

The cyclone already passed through Samoa and America Samoa over the weekend. A state of emergency has been declared in Samoa, with Caritas Samoa working with local authorities in response and the distribution of supplies to those affected

A state of emergency has also been declared in Tonga, with the cyclone expected to hit the main island later today (Monday 12 February). Caritas Australia has reached out to Caritas Tonga to show its support and will remain in contact with them throughout the situation.

The cyclone could also make landfall in parts of Fiji later this week.

Caritas Australia is keeping the people of Tonga and those already affected by Cyclone Gita, in its thoughts and prayers.

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