Improving water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, housing and employment in rural Mozambique

This Integrated Community Rural Development program in Mozambique’s Gaza Province provides remote and impoverished communities in seven districts with access to safe water and sanitation, improved food security, basic agricultural training, education on HIV/AIDS, and support for orphans and vulnerable children through housing and nutritional support.

A Caritas Australia sign in Mozambique

About the program

The program is in partnership with Caritas Regional Chokwe, who work in remote villages across seven districts in the Gaza Province.

A water tower in Mozambique

The program aims to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in the Gaza in a variety of ways. The program:

  • Improves access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities
  • Improves nutrition and food security through training in farming techniques
  • Provides HIV/AIDS education
  • Provides housing to improve safety for orphans and vulnerable children, and
  • Supports income generation activities.

Families involved in the program report that their lives have improved, especially through reduced disease and income generating activities. The program has helped families cover the cost of school and medical fees as well as necessary household items. It has also been popular with women, many of whom participate in the program in a leadership role.

Watch the Project Compassion 2013 Mozambique Program Video

Ditosa's story
Find out about how this program has helped Ditosa, from the village of Matuba, whose parents died of AIDS related illnesses. Ditosa has benefitted from the Matuba Children’s Centre opened with the help of donations to Caritas Australia.

Nordina Chunguane became involved in the program following training provided by Caritas Chokwe. She is the president of her local agricultural association and says her community benefited in a number of ways:

This integrated program has contributed to improving living conditions in my community. In the past we had many difficulties; women had to travel long distances to fetch water, the orphans had no assistance, the majority did not live in safe housing and there was a lack of food.”
Nordina Chunguane

Program details

  • Issues: Water and sanitation; Food security and agriculture; HIV/AIDS
  • Partner Agency: Caritas Regional Chokwe
  • Funding in 2014/15 financial year: US $230,000
  • Geographic location: Gaza Province
  • When established: 1998
  • This program is supported by Australian Aid.