Integrated food security program

This project is working to promote sustainable livelihoods among subsistence farmers in the Mpigi and Kiboga Districts of Uganda. These areas experience lower levels of rainfall than other areas of Uganda.

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About the program

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Caritas Kiyinda Mityana is working towards increasing food security and access to safe and clean water among 900 households in 10 villages of Maddu Parish and 2 villages of Vvumba Parish. They are doing this by teaching sustainable agricultural skills and knowledge, and providing the necessary agricultural inputs. The program promotes low cost, environmentally friendly practices that are more sustainable on small-scale farms.

The program also promotes nutrition education and HIV/AIDS prevention in the villages, as well as supporting education on issues such as caring for the environment, looking after those with a disability and good governance.

Since the program began, more than 300 farmers have learnt sustainable agriculture techniques and over 700 farmers have grown surplus banana crops to sell. Half the farmers benefiting from the program can afford school fees for their children and 82 percent of households grow vegetables throughout the year.

Program details

  • Issues: Agriculture and food security; HIV/AIDS; Climate justice; Water and sanitation
  • Partner Agency: Caritas Kiyinda Mityana
  • Funding in 2014/15 financial year: US $140,000
  • Geographic location: Uganda, Mpigi and Kiboga Districts
  • When established: 2009
  • This program is supported by Australian Aid.