Community based education and livelihoods

Access to basic services is limited for some communities in remote areas of Afghanistan. The Community-based Education and Livelihoods program supports remote communities through education and livelihood activities so that they can live a life full of dignity.

Children in a classroom

About the program

In the Ghor province of Afghanistan, small remote communities are far from basic services such as schools and markets. Even access to roads is sometimes hindered by poor weather conditions. Although in recent years the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan has made great progress in providing education for children, children in these remote and marginalised communities still struggle to have access to educational opportunities.

Run by our partner Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Community-based Education and Livelihoods program has been working in remote communities in Afghanistan since 2011 to provide quality education for primary school-aged girls and boys.

They also identified that these remote communities struggled to have enough food throughout the year, and so the program added activities that would help families improve their access to food. These activities focus on improving livestock rearing and agricultural practices in the communities.

The children will remember our hard work when they grow up and understand that despite their illiterate parents, they are educated people.”

Program details

  • Issues: Education, Food security and agriculture
  • Partner Agency: Catholic Relief Services
  • Funding in 2015/16 financial year: AUD $170,000
  • Geographic location: Sharak, Dulaina, and Lal districts, Ghor province
  • When established: 2015