Safe water and improved hygiene for rural communities

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Safe water for rural villages

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Ms Swapna’s story

Ms Swapna and her family live in a small village in rural Bangladesh. For many years, they would walk half a kilometre 8-10 times a day to fetch water from a well contaminated with arsenic. Sometimes the only available water was from a dirty pond. With no other options, they would go through the laborious task of boiling the water over and over in the hope it would be safe to drink.

Ms Swapna then joined the Community Managed Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program in her village. Through attending workshops, courtyard meetings and training sessions, she learnt more about safe drinking water and hygiene practices.

The program also helped install a tube well in front of her home. Now, she and her community have been empowered to transform their lives, and have access to clean and safe water all year round.

About the program

The Community Managed Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program helps communities in rural areas of Bangladesh to live healthy lives, through ensuring access to safe drinking water and promoting good sanitation and hygiene practices.

Supported by Caritas Australia, the program especially works in villages which have been highly affected by water with arsenic in the districts of Dhaka, Khulna and Mymensingh. The program particularly tries to reach people who are most marginalised, including children, the elderly, and people who live a long way from community wells.

Now, the majority of people in the communities are well-aware of the importance of using arsenic free tube-wells for collecting water, as well as hygiene practices such as hand washing.

Program details

  • Issues: Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Partner Agency: Caritas Bangladesh
  • Funding in 2014/2015 financial year: AU $175,000
  • Geographic location: Dhaka, Khulna and Mymensingh districts
  • This program is partially funded by Australian Aid through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program.