Mondulkiri Community Health

The Mondulkiri Community Health program aims to improve the health of people in remote Indigenous communities, especially mothers and children.

Mother and child

About the program

The Mondulkiri Community Health program works with Indigenous families in five remote villages of the Mondulkiri province of north-east Cambodia. The program aims to raise awareness of health issues, encourage good health practices and improve the health of communities. The program particularly focuses on the health of mothers and children.

The program, supported by Caritas Australia, holds community awareness-raising sessions on health issues such as HIV and AIDS, mental health, malaria and tuberculosis. The program also encourages good health practices such as hygiene and sanitation, immunisation, and good nutrition.

The program also aims to strengthen existing community health services, such as village health posts, by improving the knowledge and skills of local staff. This includes providing training to midwives and village health support groups so that they are able to provide quality healthcare to the community.

Sreymom’s story


When Sreymom first started working as a midwife in remote Mondulkiri province of Cambodia, she felt she lacked the practical experience she needed to assist mothers in childbirth.

Seeing her difficulties, a local healthworker helped Sreymom enrol in the Mondulkiri Community Health Program.

Through the course, Sreymom gained important skills as a midwife, and also learned more about broader health issues.

Program details

  • Issues: Health; Protection
  • Partner Agency: Caritas Cambodia
  • Funding in 2017/18 financial year: AU $75,000
  • Geographic location: Mondulkiri
  • When established: 2012