Empowering young people in Cambodia 

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is run by the Youth for Peace in Andong Village, Phnom Penh, and aims to empower youth to address their personal goals and actively engage in community development and decision-making processes.

Youth discussing issues that relate to themselves and the community

About the program

The youth living in Andong face a myriad of everyday problems, including a lack of nutritious food, healthcare, adequate shelter and financial resources to attend school. As a result, there are high rates of unemployment, substance abuse, gang activities and violence. Furthermore, the youth are often viewed with distrust and experience discrimination from other community members.

The Youth Empowerment Project is based on the conviction that youth are the future of any country. The program therefore aims to help youth take actions towards reaching their personal goals, to take initiatives to work towards improving the situation in their families and communities, and also to improve cooperation between youth, their families and community leaders.

Key elements of the program include providing workshops on life-skills, group discussions on dealing with personal and community issues, enabling youth to attend vocational training and case management to youth in need. The Youth Empowerment Project also works towards the livelihood of the youths’ families through providing training on how to run small businesses.

Vannak's story

Find out about how this program has helped Vannak from Andong Village, the largest slum in Cambodia. When he was 15, Vannak left school to help support his family, but most of his earnings went toward servicing his family's debt.  

Vannak joined the Youth Empowerment Project and is learning valuable vocational skills, including in particular silk screen printing and gardening. Read more about Vannak's story »

Program details

  • Issues: Life skills/vocational training; Youth
  • Partner Agencies: Youth for Peace
  • Geographic location: Phnom Penh
  • When established: 2010