Sreymom's story - Cambodia

Learning more, helping many

Education and training have helped Sreymom transform from an inexperienced young midwife into a confident healthcare worker. Now she has the skills to provide vital healthcare, support and information to indigenous mothers and children in remote Northeast Cambodia.

I wanted to increase my skill and knowledge with support from the other health staff."

Sreymom, now 26, lives in the remote Mondulkiri province of Northeast Cambodia, where extreme poverty has led to many health issues for the region’s indigenous population.

When she started work at the local Health Centre, Sreymom was eager to use her three years of midwife training to help care for indigenous mothers and children in the surrounding villages. But soon she realised she lacked the practical experience she needed to safely assist in childbirth. “When I had to assist a delivery,” Sreymom recalls, “my body and knees were trembling. I was sweating and losing confidence.”

Seeing Sreymom’s difficulties – and her true potential – a local healthcare worker helped Sreymom to enrol in the Mondulkiri Community Health Program. Established by Caritas Cambodia and supported by Caritas Australia, the program empowers and trains local health centre staff in pre- and post-natal care, safe delivery practices and children’s health.

The course not only improved Sreymom’s skills as a midwife, but also gave her information on broader health issues, which she could take back to the indigenous women in her community.


These days, Sreymom delivers one or two babies each month and is trusted by the indigenous community. “If we did not have the program, more pregnant women would face death,” Sreymom says. “I hope Australian people will support my communities more in building awareness in healthcare, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation.”

It is very important to share knowledge with others... It is useful to the community and this sharing will increase the villagers’ knowledge on children’s health care." - Sreymom