Sarita – sharing food for life

Sarita was struggling to grow enough food for her family on her tiny farm plot. In 2007, with the assistance of a program run by Caritas Nepal, she started a fish-raising business with 11 others. Now, they have a thriving enterprise and a life-long source of food and income.

This program gave us skills and supported us to make something of ourselves."

Mother-of-three Sarita attended school until the eighth grade, making her one of the most educated women in her village. Yet, like the majority of people in rural Nepal, her family was very poor. 

“With the produce from [our] land we did not meet our food security and basic needs,” Sarita explains.

Sarita with a fish

In 2007, Sarita’s life changed. Caritas Nepal, supported by Caritas Australia, initiated the Kolkatla Fish Raising Group, an innovative, collaborative program that works for the common good of the wider community. Sarita and 11 other villagers were provided with the funding and training they needed to establish and run a business raising and selling fish.

“This program embraced the poorest of the poor like us, gave us skills and supported us with funds to invest and make something of ourselves,” says Sarita.

Through hard work and dedication, the group has flourished. The farm produces around 8,000 kg of fish each year, which the group sells for a good price through local markets.

With steady income from the Fish Raising Group, Sarita’s family has been able to feel secure. They’ve bought additional farming land, diversified their crops and now share a secure, sustainable source of healthy food for life.

“The program has provided our family with good health and hope,” says Sarita. “And it has become a platform for the unity and growth of the community.”

The program has...become a platform for the unity and growth of the community.”

This program is supported by Australian aid.