Inclusion of Children With Disabilities in Education

This program supports children with disabilities in Vietnam, to access health and educational services through early identification, early intervention and inclusive education.

A mother and child from Vietnam

About the program

Photo credit: Patrick Makenen, Caritas Australia

This program supports children with disabilities, who range from zero to 14 years old, to access better health and educational services through early disability identification and inclusive education.

Capacity building for parents and teachers of children with disabilities is an additional focus of the program, with training and support provided to strengthen home and school-based care and help them better understand the individual requirements and rights of children with disabilities. The program also focuses on enhancing connections between children with disabilities, their parents and teachers with different associations, community groups and local government.

In the first year of the program, over 350 children with disabilities were supported.

Program details

  • Issues: Disability
  • Partner Agency: Catholic Relief Services
  • Funding in 2017/18 financial year: AU $160,000
  • Geographic location: Quang Nam, Central Vietnam
  • When established: 2013
  • This program is supported by Australian Aid through Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).