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Kinchela Boys Home: Reconnect… Restore… Reconstruct

The Reconnect… Restore… Reconstruct program aims to support the survivors of the Kinchela Boys’ Home (KBH) – men who were forcibly removed from their families as boys, and taken to KBH. In 2002, a group of KBH survivors established this program to support and reconnect with one another, and begin a process of healing for themselves, their families, and the wider Australian community.

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation

Kinchela men

Read a letter from Caritas Australia to the Kinchela men to mark the Home's 90th year:
A quest for justice and healing, Blog, 24 Oct 2014

About the program

The Reconnect… Restore… Reconstruct program is run by the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation – an organisation established by survivors of Kinchela Boys Home (KBH) and their families. The program addresses the social and emotional wellbeing of men who were forcibly removed from their families and taken to the Kinchela Boys Home (KBH) and also the social and emotional well being of their families .

The Kinchela Boys Training Home was the only Aboriginal specific boys’ home run by the NSW Aborigines Protection and Welfare Boards from the 1920’s to 1970’s. Memories of the horrific treatment experienced by those at the home continue to cause pain and trauma to the survivors. Their experiences also have inter-generational effects on their families and communities. Read their stories »

The program’s key focus is to assist the KBH survivors through a process of self-healing through wellbeing programs, and reconnecting with their families and each other. The program also aims to help the participants develop their individual leadership and Eldership skills, as well as transform their relationships with their families and communities.

The program also has a focus on truth telling and raising awareness of the legacy of Aboriginal child removals (known as the Stolen Generations) amongst the wider community, including non-Indigenous Australians.

Program details

  • Issues covered: Indigenous rights
  • Partner Agency: Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation
  • Budget 2017/18: AU $180,000
  • Geographic location: The KBH Belonging Place (Sydney), and the communities where the KBH men come from, including Regional NSW, VIC and QLD
  • When established: KBAH was established in 2002, and Caritas Australia has provided support since 2012

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