Cristian – harvesting food for life

In a remote Andean village, Caritas Huacho is helping farmers like Cristian to grow and harvest a wide variety of high-value, sustainable fruit crops which will provide a secure income and a wide variety of food for life.

We are less worried now."

Cristian is a farmer who lives in a remote Andean village in Peru. The community lives a traditional life, and without irrigation, farmers have always relied on the rains to water crops.

“When there were no rains we suffered a lot, because sometimes the fields would not produce,” says Cristian.

Cristian with his family

In 2012, Cristian and 14 other young farmers in his community participated in the Rural Development Program run by Caritas Australia’s local partner, Caritas Huacho. The program offers materials, capital and training that helps farmers in rural areas establish sustainable farms that will produce reliable, profitable and long-term crops.

The program helped the young men secure land to farm, and provided them with seedlings and agricultural training so that they could grow and harvest sustainable, high-value orchard crops, including peaches, custard apples and avocados. They also received the materials and training they needed to build an irrigation system to water their fields. The farmers have helped one another to learn and achieve, and are now beginning to reap the rewards of their hard work– a healthy, nutritious new range of fruits in their diets and a steadily increasing income for all their families.

“The fact that I and the other partners can grow and develop together makes me proud,” says Cristian. “We are less worried now, because we are focussed on development, and with that in mind we are improving ourselves, with the help of Caritas, on the best way to produce.

We are improving ourselves, with the help of Caritas, on the best way to produce.”

This program is supported by Australian aid.