Mercy Works Integrated Community Development

The Mercy Works program aims to empower and promote self-reliance among vulnerable people and communities in the Eastern and Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The program provides training sessions and support groups to communities, focusing on the areas of human rights and advocacy, domestic violence prevention, men’s and women’s health and children and youth issues.

Joining hands

About the program

The program has a particular focus on vulnerable members of the communities. It runs a drop-in referral centre for women who are victims of violence, providing them emotional, legal and medical support. The Mercy Works program also has activities for children who are involved in child labour, a nutrition program, as well as training in important skills such as literacy.

In addition, the Mercy Works program runs sessions in men’s, women’s and juvenile prisons, providing awareness and skills training, as well as income generation assistance for people leaving prison to help them reintegrate into the wider community.

Although this is a relatively young program, it has developed a strong reputation in the area for its commitment to human rights, and for its ability to reach the vulnerable members of the community to provide real and meaningful opportunities.

Rollen from Papua New Guinea

Rollen's story
Find out about how this program has helped Rollen, who, growing up in a small village in PNG's Eastern Highlands, says she always felt “useless and hopeless”. With the help of Mercy Works, Rollen has undertaken studies, learned about microfinance, and has gained employment in Port Moresby.
Read more and see a video of Rollen's story »

Program details

  • Issues: Women, Human rights and advocacy, Health, Education
  • Partner Agency: Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Works Ltd
  • Funding in 2017/18 financial year: AU $60,000
  • Geographic location: Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province and Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands Province
  • When established: 2006 in Goroka; 2007 in Mt Hagen
  • This program is supported by Australian Aid