Using the Just Visiting guide

How to use this resource

The Caritas Australia Education Team have recorded an informal interview with Sister Len and Kath Rosic. This interview forms the basis of the 'JUST VISITING?' resource. The interview has been segmented into short clips and arranged in modules associated with Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Along with the clips, content, additional discussion points and reflection questions are provided to support teachers as they design, evaluate or audit their student immersion programs. There are also some quotes from teachers and education officers who have many years experience in leading immersion programs with their students.

These resources are designed to support, enrich and inspire you and your colleagues in your global and local social justice education journey. This resource can be used as a tool by individuals, at a staff or executive leadership meeting or as a group responsible for the service learning program in your school.

You can use this resource in its entirety or select one module to work through as a stimulus and reflection exercise. You may be at the very beginning of journey of envisaging an experience for your school community or at a point of review and reflection.

Introducing Sister Len and Kath Rosic

Watch the clip with Sister Len and Kath Rosic

Sister Len
has years of experience hosting groups of teachers, students and individuals in Cambodia. She shares her vast experience, insight and hopes for increased solidarity in the area of student immersion programs.

Kath Rosic has worked for Caritas Australia for over eight years, establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with church and development networks in South East Asia. Kath shares her broad knowledge and understanding to programs and partnerships engaged with communities experiencing poverty. As a mother herself she has a keen awareness of the need to develop critical justice education in young people in Catholic Schools in Australia and brings both these perspectives to share her insight in this interview.