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These resources will help you to embed social justice across the curriculum and to inspire your students to “be more”, for the sake of the poorest in our world. Please let us know how you use them. To ask our education team about immersion experiences, professional development and student workshops in your state, email

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Social justice Calendar
Social justice Calendar

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The featured resources below can help you embed social justice in the classroom this term.

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Primary School Curriculum Maps

Have you got an interest in global education but are unsure where it fits into the Australian Curriculum? Check out our new Primary School Curriculum Maps (Foundation to Year 6)

There is a map for each primary school year level that provides an overview of where there exists crossover between a global issue or topic and a Curriculum Learning Area including English, Maths, Humanities and Social Sciences, Art, Design and Technology and Science. As you mouseover the map you will see the relevant curriculum codes appear.

This is an exciting resource for teachers to broaden their understanding of where real life examples of Catholic Social Teaching in action, through the aid and development work of Caritas Australia, can be integrated into the curriculum across learning areas. Each of the curriculum areas and the topics take you to filtered search results on our Caritas Australia Primary School Page. We are continually adding resources too!

We hope these maps will be an important tool for teachers to enhance their teaching and learning across all areas and promote not only the work of Caritas but also raise awareness of important global issues such as poverty, climate justice, food security and fair trade.

How to use: Each dot indicates a curriculum link crossover. The curriculum link and code is included and can be viewed when your roll your mouse over the dot. The topics are also linked to available Caritas classroom resources.


  • Select your Year Level.
  • Each dot indicates a curriculum link crossover.
  • Mouseover the dot to see the curriculum descriptor and code.
  • Click on the subjects to access Caritas Australia resources for the subject.
  • Click on the topic to access Caritas Australia resources on the topic.

Foundation  Year - 1  Year - 2   Year - 3  Year - 4  Year - 5  Year - 6

*Please download the curriculum map to view the full tool tip text.

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Oscar Romero
Aspire not to have more, but to be more.These words of Oscar Romero inspire Caritas Australia’s education team. Archbishop Romero was a Caritas partner in El Salvador who lived Catholic Social Teaching without compromise and paid the ultimate price.