Professional Development

Caritas Australia provides Professional Development sessions for teachers and other educational staff in Catholic schools and organisations, centred around the topics of poverty, social justice, and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Through this program, not only are they [students] learning maths, but they are also seeing that they can help other people."
Fadi, Social Justice Co-ordinator

Our Justice Educators can provide professional development sessions for teachers on the key themes of why and how to embed global social justice issues across the curriculum and as a school ethos.

  • Underpinning curriculum with social justice - Demonstrates practical ways of incorporating social justice into classroom curriculum. It focuses on activities and strategies. It investigates inequality in our world, demonstrates the interconnectedness of all people and examines the implications and responsibilities that it brings.
  • Catholic Social Teaching - Explores the scriptural underpinnings and the background of Catholic Social Teaching. The core principles and their relevance to present-day situations, school policies and practices are also considered.
  • Making the Gospel real in a contemporary world - Examines how the agencies of the Catholic Church actively bring the gospel message to life. It demonstrates the connectedness between the gospel message and its application in the work of Caritas Australia.
  • From Charity to Justice - Analyses the difference between the charitable response (fundraising) and action for justice (change). Participants consider the importance of awareness raising, actions of solidarity, reflection and action for change particularly applicable in the school environment.

Sessions are suitable for Catholic Education Offices, cluster groups, school staff (both primary and secondary), and can be tailored to your school’s needs.

I found that the program led to a transformation in my own thinking and attitude towards poverty and injustice.”
A teacher who has participated in a Professional Development session

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