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These resources will help you to embed social justice across the curriculum and to inspire your students to “be more”, for the sake of the poorest in our world. Please let us know how you use them. To ask our education team about immersion experiences, professional development and student workshops in your state, email

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The featured resources below can help you embed social justice in the classroom this term.

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  • Poverty Quiz

    01 Feb 2019

    A global poverty quiz for primary and secondary students

    Poverty Quiz

    (PPTX 5MB)

  • Walk As One Quiz

    29 Jun 2016

    Walk As One Quiz

    (PPTX 5MB)

  • Refugee quiz

    03 Jun 2020

    Test your knowledge on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers.

    Refugee quiz

    (PPTX 2MB)

  • Sports for Justice - Sports Quiz - Primary & Secondary
  • Refugees Kahoot

    11 Jun 2020

    Link to play the Refugee Kahoot Quiz

    Refugees Kahoot Refugees Kahoot

    (PDF 159KB)

  • Food Quiz

    01 Mar 2019

    Use this quiz as an introduction to the topics of food and hunger.

    Food Quiz

    (PPTX 2MB)

  • Water Quiz

    10 Mar 2019

    Use this quiz as an introduction to the topic of water.

    Water Quiz

    (PPTX 3MB)



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Oscar Romero
Aspire not to have more, but to be more.These words of Oscar Romero inspire Caritas Australia’s education team. Archbishop Romero was a Caritas partner in El Salvador who lived Catholic Social Teaching without compromise and paid the ultimate price.