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Humanitarian emergency in Lebanon reaches crisis point

07 Sep 21

Lebanon has reached boiling point due to an enduring a series of crises that have been escalating over the past 18 months. Today, the population faces a dire humanitarian crisis, with the country rapidly running out of power, water, fuel, medicine and food.

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Afghanistan plunged into greater chaos, as thousands face displacement, poverty and COVID-19

03 Sep 21

The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, with decades of political and civil unrest, drought and economic instability leaving a devastating toll on a country that now faces even more uncertainty.

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World Humanitarian Day: humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

19 Aug 21

Afghanistan is facing an unfolding humanitarian crisis, giving a tragic relevance to this year’s World Humanitarian Day.  

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Be a champion for vulnerable women by participating in Women for the World!

17 Aug 21

Around the world, millions of women and girls continue to live in poverty, facing the challenges of gender inequality and discrimination, with poor or limited access to health care and education. But you can help change that.

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