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Indonesia’s economy deeply impacted by COVID-19

13 Oct 21

COVID-19 has significantly affected Indonesia's economy over the past few months. The surge of the highly contagious Delta variant has resulted in a second wave of the virus for the South East Nation. 

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Environmental changes predicted to displace millions by 2050

05 Oct 21

More than 216 million people could become internally displaced by 2050 unless the world acts now, according to the World Bank’s latest Groundswell report.

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Over 82 million people displaced this World Day of Migrants and Refugees

24 Sep 21

On World Day of Migrants and Refugees on 26 September, we were called on to remember those displaced by conflict and persecution around the world - and to consider how we can offer practical support to our neighbours around the world.

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COVID-19 surge in Philippines threatens to overwhelm hospitals

23 Sep 21

The Philippines is experiencing a devastating surge in COVID-19 cases, as the country battles its fourth wave of the pandemic.  

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