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Empowering women around the world

19 Jul 18

Show your solidarity by joining women across Australia, standing with Women around the World, by hosting your own Women for the World event. 

The Women for the World event encourages people to stand in solidarity with women in poverty around the world. Women represent the greatest proportion of people experiencing extreme poverty around the world and are at greater risk of violence and human rights abuses. Many women remain marginalised and unable to participate fully in their societies.

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Bougainville’s youth building their future

19 Jul 18

Bougainville’s young people are building sustainable livelihoods – and their country’s future.

Developing skills in cocoa production, brickmaking, literacy and financial literacy, they’re making up for lost time.

The small island, north-east of Papua New Guinea, was torn by conflict between 1988 and 1998. Up to 20,000 people were killed and the impact of is still being felt today. Many of Bougainville’s young people missed out on an education during these years.

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Around the Region: Victoria and Tasmania - Term 2

11 Jul 18

Our Justice Educators share and teach the work of Caritas and social justice each term to schools in their regions.

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Sharing the Journey with Rohingya Refugees

22 Jun 18

On the 27 of September 2017, Pope Francis began the Caritas ‘Share the Journey’ migration campaign, making the now recognisable ‘Reach Out’ gesture. 

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Sharing the Journey with Syrian Refugees

15 Jun 18

On September 27, 2017, Pope Francis began the Caritas ‘Share the Journey’ migration campaign, making the now recognisable ‘Reach Out’ gesture.

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Caritas network responds after volcano erupts in Guatemala

08 Jun 18

The Caritas network is assisting with the emergency response in Guatemala after a volcano erupted on Sunday, 3 June.

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Through drought and flood

05 Jun 18

In Mozambique, drought and flood are caused by an ongoing El Niño pattern. It robs communities of food crops for months on end, while severe floods make land water-logged and untenable.

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Reconciliation Week 2018: Don’t Keep History a Mystery

03 Jun 18

During National Reconciliation Week, Caritas Australia reflected on Australian history, and also celebrated the innovation and leadership of our First Australian partners.

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Nepal Earthquake: Stories of hope

21 May 18

Three years on from the Nepal Earthquake, we share stories of hope from people who were affected by the disaster.

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Nepal Earthquake: Rebuilding three years on

17 May 18

This year marks the third anniversary of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. On April 25 2015, communities in Nepal experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by severe aftershocks and a second earthquake a fortnight later.

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An update on the East Africa Food Crisis

22 Apr 18

Through prevention strategies and crisis management, the Caritas network has assisted people across East Africa to survive the East Africa Food Crisis with a sense of hope for the future.

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The hope water can bring

21 Apr 18

World Water Day is celebrated and acknowledged each year on March 22. Lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation facilities are still issues many vulnerable communities experience around the world.

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Caritas Bangladesh goes further for health in crisis

20 Apr 18

Caritas Bangladesh is implementing stringent hygiene measures in Cox’ Bazaar in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The network has assumed its’ collective responsibility to ensure its’ global response leaves no one behind. 

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The program changing lives in Malawi and Tanzania

20 Apr 18

In Malawi and Tanzania, Caritas Australia works alongside several partner agencies to provide support to communities through the A+ Integrated Community Development Program.

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World Health Day: Mai's story

05 Apr 18

World Health Day (April 7) celebrates and acknowledges the importance of everybody having access to essential health services.

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Being prepared helps Tonga recover from Cyclone Gita

19 Mar 18

Cyclone Gita hit Tonga on the night of 12-13 February, destroying homes and severely damaging infrastructure on the most populated island of Tongatapu. About 80 percent of the population was affected and over 4500 houses being damaged or destroyed. 

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Community gets behind Project Compassion

27 Feb 18

Caritas Australia would like to thank all our wonderful supporters for getting behind Project Compassion 2018 so far!

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The illustrator behind our Catholic Social Teaching Toolkit

21 Feb 18

Over the years, we have loved working with James Foley, Australian children's book author and illustrator, to bring to life important poverty aid and development concepts and ideas.

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Caritas Australia joins ReThink Orphanages network

09 Feb 18

We are proud to announce that Caritas Australia is joining ReThink Orphanages, a cross-sector network that aims to improve the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development, by raising awareness about the unnecessary institutionalisation of children in developing countries.

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A compelling and moving visit to Bangladesh

02 Feb 18

In October and November, 2017, Caritas Australia's Head of Engagement and Sustainability, David Armstrong and Program Coordinator, Bangladesh and Nepal, Eleanor Trinchera, travelled to Bangladesh to meet with some of our partners and visit projects we support.

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