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First Australians lead the way

21 Jan 18

In 2003 Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (WDNWPT), also known as the Purple House, was established by Walpiri and Pintupi people from the Western Desert region to support people with chronic diseases to stay on country.

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Update on our Bali Giveaway!

16 Jan 18

Congratulations to Alexandra Gorman, the winner of our Caritas Kitchen Christmas giveaway! Alexandra won a holiday in Bali after holding a Caritas Kitchen over Christmas! Thank you to everyone who held Caritas Kitchen events over the holiday season!

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Skills and development opportunities in Nepal

15 Jan 18

In Nepal, a country prone to the impacts of climate change, sudden variations in temperature can wreak havoc on the wellbeing of rural farming communities.

It’s the Indigenous peoples (Adivasi) of Nepal, who suffer most from these changes.

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Filipino communities raising their voices

10 Jan 18

The Manide are an Indigenous minority who live in Camarines Norte, a province located in the Bicol Region of Luzon, Philippines. Though many young Manide now speak Tagalog, the main language of the Philippines, Manide elders speak their own, unique language.

Through a holistic development project which secures income, improves education and improves the access of Manide people to goods and services, Caritas Australia is empowering this unique Filipino community to create a better future for themselves.

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Maasai culture in the modern era

07 Jan 18

On the border of Kenya and Tanzania live the Maasai tribes people. As one of the traditional hunting and pastoralist cultures of Eastern Africa they are known for their striking dress and unique customs.

Today, however, the Maasai are grappling with socioeconomic challenges and the difficulty of integrating traditional customs into modern life. Lositete, a village in northern Tanzania, is one area where severe drought has affected the livelihoods of villagers. In the rural communities of Tanzania, the responsibility of collecting water falls primarily on women and children, who are forced to travel long distances merely to find enough of it to survive. But since the implementation of this project, improved infrastructure has brought significant change to the people of Lositete including the Maasai.

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Caritas Australia commits funds to support survivors of Cyclone Tembin

28 Dec 17

Cyclone Tembin 17, known locally as Typhoon Vinta, has devastated communities in the southern Philippines, with early reports of at least 230 people dead, and many more missing.

Caritas Australia has responded to the call of Caritas Philippines (NASSA), to assist 3,000 families (approximately 15,000 individuals) by supporting programs to provide emergency food and hygiene packs.

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Cyclone Tembin hits Philippines. At least 180 dead.

24 Dec 17

Cyclone Tembin 17, known locally as Typhoon Vinta, has devastated communities in the southern Philippines, with early reports of at least 180 people dead.

The Cyclone made landfall on Friday December 22nd, and has caused flooding and landslides resulting in lost lives, as well as damage to homes and livelihoods.

Cyclone Tembin follows the damage done by Tropical Depression Kai-Tak, which left the Philippine Area of Responsibility on December 19th.

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An update on the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

21 Dec 17

More than 600,000 people, most of whom identify as Rohingya, have crossed into Bangladesh since August 2017, fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Caritas is providing urgent humanitarian relief to thousands of Rohingya refugees who have crossed the Myanmar border to the Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. So far, the Caritas network, led by Caritas Bangladesh  has helped over 327,000 individuals, including over 40,000 families.

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2017: The year that was

20 Dec 17

As we head into 2018 and reflect on the year that was, Caritas Australia would like to thank all of our donors and supporters for their contributions this year.

It is thanks to your generous donations and efforts that we have continued to serve vulnerable communities around the world, through our programs and emergency relief.

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Caritas Global Village generates buzz at ACYF

14 Dec 17

The 2017 Australian Catholic Youth Festival theme was 'Open new horizons for spreading joy', and the connection Caritas Australia made with young people at the event showed this to be true.

Relevant, vibrant and engaging activities saw thousands visit the Caritas Global Village, and the word around both the Dome and the Festival at Sydney Olympic Park was how amazing the space was.

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An update from our Nepal trekkers – Part Four

24 Nov 17

The Caritas ‘Trekking in Solidarity’ team returned home from their Nepal trek earlier this week.

To finish off such an incredible experience, the team spent their last days in Nepal visiting the Caritas supported Earthquake Recovery Program, and connecting with people impacted by the work of Caritas. The program supports people who were affected by the 2015 earthquake, helping them rebuild their lives.

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Animating Protection Mainstreaming

20 Nov 17

"Protection Mainstreaming – it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it."

So what IS “protection mainstreaming”? How do principles like safety, dignity and meaningful access shape our humanitarian relief programs? 

This month, Caritas Australia and partners released a short animated film addressing these questions. In four short minutes, the film discusses what protection mainstreaming is and highlights eight practical considerations that agencies responding in crises can employ to promote the safety and dignity of affected communities when designing and delivering humanitarian response programs.

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An update from our Nepal trekkers - Part Three

20 Nov 17

There are only a few more days until our Nepal trekkers return home from their journey and we want to say congratulations to the team for completing the Annapurna circuit!

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An update from our Nepal trekkers – Part Two

17 Nov 17

The Trekking in Solidarity adventure across Nepal is well underway, with the team continuing along their journey of the Annapurna circuit.

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Q&A with Erietera Aram: Insights from COP23

16 Nov 17

Earlier this month, Kiribati climate activist Erietera Aram visited Australia to launch the Caritas State of the Environment report and raise awareness of the threat of climate change in the Pacific.

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An update from our Nepal trekkers – Part One

14 Nov 17

Our Trekking in Solidarity participants arrived in Nepal over the weekend and have begun their epic trek across the Annapurna circuit.

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Nepal Trek: Let the adventure begin!

09 Nov 17

On November 10, our Nepal trekkers will embark on their journey along the Annapurna trail, visiting Caritas Australia-supported programs and communities, as part of the ‘Trekking in Solidarity’ event.

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Baby's first gift to the world is giving

01 Nov 17

It would be a pretty special story to tell your child someday that before they were born, they were making a positive impact on the lives of those in need around the world.

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Dilda's story

26 Oct 17

"We arrived here the day before yesterday, and yesterday we built this shelter. We didn’t bring a thing. I just grabbed the children and ran," says 38 year old, Dilda, who fled Myanmar for Bangladesh.

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Gaining confidence and raising her voice

19 Oct 17

10 years after the end of Papua New Guinea’s Civil War, the path to recovery for Bougainville depends, to a great extent, on the wellbeing of its youth.

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