Building on strengths

05 Sep 18

Martha is a 58 year old Irak tribeswoman from Kilimamoja, a village in northern Tanzania. Before she became involved in a Caritas Australia-supported water project, Martha tilled a small plot with much effort and little reward, and spent hours collecting water each day.

Your support of a Caritas Australia funded training program has meant that Martha has a renewed sense of hope for herself and her entire community. New ground-piping means that Martha has access to clean water within 300m from her house and the improved access to water has increased her capacity to farm and reap a yield from her previously arid soil. From the garden, the family has been able to increase the food they grow and to earn an income from the sale of their home-grown vegetables.

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Photo credit: Scott Martin, Caritas Australia

Photo credit: Scott Martin, Caritas Australia

Martha has used the extra money to help her five adult children with their own families. She has also made improvements to her house, replacing the roof with iron sheets.

In the future, Martha hopes to build a brick house and to buy some livestock, another investment in her positive future.

Martha is dreaming big and setting new goals through her partnership with Caritas Australia.

Through her hard work, with the support of Caritas Australia and funding from the Australian Government’s ANCP Program, Martha has a better chance at life for herself and her family.

This article appears in CaritasNews Spring 2018.