Caritas Network responds to Indonesia earthquake

06 Aug 18

Following the massive 6.9 magnitude earthquake which left at least 82 dead in Lombok, Indonesia on Sunday evening, Caritas Australia is working with its Indonesian partner agencies, Caritas Denpasar and Caritas Indonesia - Karina, to assess the extent of the emergency and needs on the ground.

By working with local churches in the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire,’ Caritas is able to respond quickly to the needs of  marginalised communities by providing food, water and shelter to those most in need.

With our partner staff, Caritas Australia also conducts extensive disaster preparedness training. Globally, Caritas works with communities after emergencies to help re-build their lives and their resilience in the face of future disasters.

201808 Indonesia Lombok Earthquake Photo Credit Las Harfa (1)
Damage to a building in Lombok. Photo credit: Las Harfa

Damage to a building in Lombok. Photo credit: Las Harfa

Father Venus Dewantara is parish priest with Caritas partner, the Catholic Archdiocese of Denpasar, which is close to Nusa Dua, a popular tourist spot in Bali.

Only last week, he sent a team from his diocese to northern Lombok where they conducted an assessment after a previous earthquake that occurred on July 29.

Fr Dewantara spoke of the initial result from the assessment.

“We have just received the response from our team in Lombok…and the situation now is that locals need materials like blankets, mattresses, pans, towels, buckets for water and food to eat.”

A close review of needs on the ground are also ongoing.

“Our teams have gone to two [affected] villages and interviewed locals to find out more.”

Caritas Australia will continue to monitor the humanitarian situation in the aftermath of this emergency to deliver supplies to the remote communities affected.

You can donate to our Asia Emergency Appeal if you would like to help Caritas Australia respond to emergencies like the Indonesia earthquake.