Christchurch Shootings: Message of solidarity

18 Mar 19

Caritas Australia was deeply saddened by the events that occurred in Christchurch last Friday. We want to express our profound sorrow and grief to victims, family and friends affected by this tragic act of violence. In particular, we stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the world. We are united with you, as well as to all the people of New Zealand, in mourning. We continue to pray for the end of violence and for peace throughout the world.

Peace here on earth cannot be maintained unless the good of the human person is safeguarded, and men and women are willing to trust each other and share their riches of spirit and talent. If peace is to be established it is absolutely necessary to have a firm determination to respect other persons and peoples and their dignity, and to be zealous in the practice of brotherhood. Hence peace is likewise the fruit of love. - Gaudium et spes, Pope Paul VI

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Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Photo credit: Caritas Australia