International Day of Happiness

20 Mar 20

On the International Day of Happiness, Caritas Australia continues working with vulnerable communities all over the world.

We believe in a world in which children, women and men most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice have the right to a life of peace, prosperity and security.

Sadly, poverty is often one of the greatest challenges to wellbeing. Your support enables Caritas Australia to invest in the existing strengths of vulnerable communities to support livelihood programs and other essential services like sanitation and hygiene training.

We work globally and also recognise the power of helping people to help themselves by equipping them with the skills and opportunities to live a life of dignity and one of hope.

The Catholic Social Teaching Principles of Life and the Dignity of the Human Person as well Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable remind us that social justice is essential to the pursuit of life and happiness.

For Caritas Australia’s Head of Mission, Sister Jo Brady, happiness is also about ‘living and let live’ as well as the universal call to justice.

“Jesus would say that in order to be happy we need to think of others beyond ourselves and that we should love others as we ourselves would want to be loved,” Sister Jo said.

One of the ways that your support is enabling this pursuit of justice is in Malawi, where young girls like Tawonga, one of our Project Compassion feature stories, are overcoming challenges such as physical disability.

“Through the A+ program, Tawonga’s family is now able to produce sufficient food to feed their family as well as have an excess for sale. The proceeds of this have enabled them to afford to send Tawonga to a boarding school in a nearby town,” says Scott Martin, Caritas Australia’s Program Coordinator for Malawi.

“Despite their challenging lives, the people of Tawonga’s community maintain strong family bonds. Your support is enabling great progress in the marginalised communities of Malawi, a nation known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’. Thank you for your generosity.”

Here are some more powerful quotes from Saints and social justice leaders which we try to embody here at Caritas Australia:


“Spread love everywhere you go; first of all, in your house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next-door neighbour. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

-Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Act justly

“There are not two categories of people. There are not some who were born to have everything and leave others with nothing and a majority that has nothing and can’t enjoy the happiness that God has created for all. God wants a Christian society, one in which we share the good things that God has given for all of us.”

-Oscar Romero

Look to the elders

This seems to be wisdom found naturally among the elderly. For some anyway, they seem to have learned that it’s simply not worth holding onto negative experiences.

-Pope Francis

Giving is one way to increase our own sense of happiness and your support is empowering communities like Tawonga’s in Malawi to thrive.

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By  Daniel Nour