An update from our Nepal trekkers – Part Four

24 Nov 17

The Caritas ‘Trekking in Solidarity’ team returned home from their Nepal trek earlier this week.

To finish off such an incredible experience, the team spent their last days in Nepal visiting the Caritas supported Earthquake Recovery Program, and connecting with people impacted by the work of Caritas. The program supports people who were affected by the 2015 earthquake, helping them rebuild their lives.

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Some of the team during a program visit. Photo: Caritas Australia

Some of the team during a program visit. Photo: Caritas Australia

The group were again reminded of the resilience and strength of the Nepalese people, particularly in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The locals really know how to make the most of a tiny space,” said Kerry Stone, one of the trek’s participants and a Caritas Diocesan Director.

“How these people eke out a living here is incomprehensible to us. We are so full of admiration for their strength, resilience & ingenuity. Their welcome, hospitality and smiling faces were humbling - and challenging, given the comfortable lifestyles we are about to return to.

The group visited some of the temporary homes and shelters of those affected, while their new homes are being built.  

“What we came to realise is that this is a long slow process as the locals rebuild their lives given the difficulty of access.”

“It’s now more than two years since the earthquake [struck] and many houses [are] still to rebuild. Locals without safe houses use the condemned community house during the day but at night sleep in the temporary corrugated iron shelter.”

On the last morning of the trip, Kerry and her husband Colin, who also did the trek, made a visit to the Caritas Nepal office, where Kerry reunited with Rupa Rai, who visited the Sandhurst Diocese in 2004 as a Project Compassion speaker. Rupa also attended the first Melbourne Women for the World event in 2015, so it was a special reunion between the pair.

The last few days of the trip were an emotional end for our trekkers and again, we would like to thank them for their efforts and spirit in taking on this challenge for a good cause. Time to rest those weary legs!

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